Make Tyvek Gowns

Tutorial Mar 29, 2020

This Tyvek PPE Gown pattern and build process is based on work by Colleen Jones and Dr. Lindy Jones.  The pattern was developed by deconstructing an existing non-sterile isolation gown from Bartlett Regional Hospital.  Hal Daugherty further developed the pattern and order of operations for production in his shop. Carl M. Ferlauto, P.E. digitized the pattern. These one-and-done gowns are being made as part of a volunteer, community-based effort to provide First Responders and other medical providers with improvised PPE in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ReadMe file for printing pattern

Info Sheet (8.5x11)

Info Sheet (11x17) - larger of the same

Tyvek Isolation Gown Instructions

Tyvek Isolation Gown Full Sized Template

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